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What our Clients Say

"In all my years of practicing law, my experience with private investigative agencies has been less than satisfying. However, a major exception to that experience is Dan Herrin and The Herrin Group®. If a lawyer is serious about winning cases and providing a significant service for his client, he will do no better than Dan Herrin and The Herrin Group®."

- Victor Kelley
Former Assistant US Attorney, Northern District of Alabama
Current owner of National Military Justice Group

"The Herrin Group® has become an integral part of our practice, which extends to two-thirds of Alabama. They are professional, prompt, and have provided us with extremely valuable information. We know the job will be done right."

- Mark Owsley
Talladega, Alabama

"I was involved in a particularly difficult case that involved charges of conspiracy to bribe a federal judge. Expert testimony regarding the intricacies of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines was critical to my client's defense. Dan Herrin was called and easily qualified as a defense expert. With his background and experience, he quickly brought the jury up to speed and made a significant contribution. The result was a "not guilty" judgment. In my view, this would have been unlikely without Dan."

- William E. Bubsey, Esquire
McCord, Bubsey, Ketchum & Donuhue, L.L.P.
Tallahassee, Florida