Welcome to The Herrin Group®

At The Herrin Group®, we've been "seeing what others cannot see" since 1998. A good Investigation firm can literally change the course of your life...for the better.

We're a little different than your average investigation firm. We believe clients should receive the same level of professionalism they would expect from a well-regarded law or accounting firm. We're staffed by real professionals, with real credentials and real experience.

Professionalism, real experience, and discretion are the primary keys to a successful Investigation firm. It's what we've focused on since our inception in 1998, and it's what we continue to emphasize today.

The Herrin Group® has the people, the technology, and the experience you need. Dan Herrin, President of The Herrin Group® brings more than two decades of experience to the table. A college graduate with a Masters in Public Administation, he was a Georgia State Probation Officer, a Federal Investigator for the U.S.District Courts in Alabama and Mississippi, and now heads one of Alabama's most respected investigation firms.

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