Welcome to The Herrin Group

At The Herrin Group®, we've been "seeing what others cannot see" since 1998. A good Investigation firm can literally change the course of your life...for the better. Unfortunately, Alabama is one of only a handful of states with no real licensing requirements to become a Private Investigator. As a result, we've seen (and continue to see) many amateur P.I.'s come and go, leaving many unsatisfied clients in their wake. Clients who deserved better...whose lives could have been changed for the better.

At The Herrin Group®, we're a little different than your average investigation firm. We believe clients should receive the same level of professionalism they would expect from a well-regarded law or accounting firm. We're staffed by real professionals, with real credentials and real experience. No ex-police officers who couldn't keep their jobs, lawyers who couldn't pass the bar, or spy-shop owners who can't decide if they want to sell spy equipment or be an investigator.

Professionalism, real experience, and discretion are the primary keys to a successful Investigation firm. It's what we've focused on since our inception in 1998, and it's what we continue to emphasize today.

Whether you are an attorney needing extra hands in the field, an employer wanting background checks on new hires, or an individual faced with domestic problems, The Herrin Group® has the people, the technology, and the experience you need. Dan Herrin, President of The Herrin Group® brings more than a decade of experience to the table. A college graduate with a Masters in Public Administation, he was a Georgia State Probation Officer, a Federal Investigator for the U.S.District Courts in Alabama and Mississippi, and now heads one of Alabama's most respected investigation firms.

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